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The agenda for the meeting on Tuesday 2 October 2012:
Approve minutes
Review budget
New HOA documents required by State
Review proposal for redoing the roads
Lawn committee
Preparation for Annual Meeting

September Board Meeting

The Post Oak Forest will meet on Monday 8/31 at 7:00 pm at 25 Forest Drive. Agenda: treasurer’s report ground’s report security camera neighborhood

March Board Meeting Agenda

The Board will meet on Tuesday, 3 March 2015 at 17 Forest Drive. 1. Antonio 2. Carol 3. Karen 4. Feedback on renter survey

Board Meeting 2/3/2015

1. Election of Officers 2. Committee members 3. Treasurer Report 4. Grounds 5. Rental property 6. Roads

Annual Meeting 1/21/2015

Old business New business New Board members Treasurer’s Report Ground’s Report Renters Roads

Board Meeting 2 September 2014

1. treasurer report 2. new neighbors 3. items on common ground 4. roads

Agenda Board Meeting November 2013

Treasurer’s Report Ground’s Report Antonio Trees Pool Annual Meeting

September 2013 Agenda

  Board will meet Tuesday 9/3 7:00pm at 23 Forest Drive   1. Treasurer’s Report 2. Delinquent homeowners 3. Pool 4. Roads

May 2013 Agenda

7 May 2013 1. Treasurer’s Report 2.Ground’s Report 3.Pool 4.Roads

Agenda April 2,2013

Next Meeting 5/7 New post oaks Pool chairs Neighbor Roads Treasurer Report Grounds Report

Board Meeting 2/5/2013

The Board will meet at 7:00 pm at #4. Agenda: Elect new officers Pool Treasurer’s report Ground’s report