Jan 2016 minutes

January 19, 2016

Post Oak Forest Annual Community Meeting



Attendees:  Carol Scarmado, Kim Tolman, Rhonda Watson, Laine and Ted Totah, Tom Ostrowski, Laura Doskocil, Debra Ware, Antonio Garcia, Jack and Carol Benson, Howard and Peggy Karren, John Cozad


Kim called the meeting to order at 7:13pm at #17.


Old Business

Minutes from January 2015 Annual meeting were read and approved.



Treasurer’s report

Antonio circulated POF account history and proposed budget.  He pointed out balance, expense and capital improvements and asked for questions.



Grounds report- Carol Scarmado

Trees were removed and maintained.  Won’t put in too many new things this coming year.  Careful of underground pipes when planting.  Will add jipsum to soil to loosen up as clay soil is difficult.  No major projects are planned.



President’s report-Kim Tolman

New Business

New folders for community homeowners were distributed (renters receive an amended version).  Kim went through the contents of the folders, pointed out the community rules, reviewed and asked for questions.




Roads-Tom reiterated that $30-35K would level low spots, address sunken curbs, sealing large cracks, and coating of road surface.

It was proposed we consider selling a 40×80 (or several) to increase the value of our properties.  A vote was taken on whether or not a majority wanted to pursue this interest.  It was declined.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:36pm





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