Post Oak Forest Dues



A Note about the Services We Provide and Our

Monthly Assessments (formerly called “dues”)

We are pleased that you’ve chosen to live in our community!

Our Association provides important services to our community of town houses.  We maintain the common grounds including the greenery in the front of our homes and the forested areas surrounding them.  We hire a groundskeeper who attends to our common property weekly.  The volunteer grounds committee supervises his work.  Our Association and a volunteer team of residents ensure the pool is safe for our use and well maintained. Our monthly assessments also pay for community utilities including water on a portion of our grounds, electricity charges for the streetlights, and pool and common property liability.


Our Association current monthly assessment (formerly called “dues”) is $140.00 per month (rate effective January 2024) and is due on the first of the month. There are numerous options for paying the monthly assessments to provide convenience to our homeowners.  These options include:

  • Monthly payment of $140.00
  • Can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly

Some homeowners choose to have an automatic withdrawal from their bank accounts.

Payments not received by the 10th of the month are considered past due.  Owners who are delinquent on dues payments may be subject to fines.  Owners could be eligible for a negotiated repayment plan.

Checks should be paid to the order of: Post Oak Forest HOA


Payments may be mailed to:

Post Oak Forest Home Owners Association

23A Forest Drive

College Station, TX  77840

If you have any payment questions or need assistance, please contact:

Kenneth Johse, Treasurer

Post Oak Forest Home Owners Association

Phone:  979-533-2165