May 5, 2019 POF HOA Board meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held May 5, 2019. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

 Attendees were Carol Scamardo, Cherie Cotner,  Debra Ware, John Cozad, David Hicks and Jack Benson.            

1.   GROUNDS REPORT:  Carol reported that no tree work was done due to so much rain.  The weeds continue to be pulled on an ongoing basis. Debra will send a notice to all homeowners regarding upcoming tree trimming.

 2.   TREASURER:  There is generous amount of money on hand so we will consider putting some into a CD at next meeting.

 3.   NEWSLETTER: Cherie is waiting on one piece of information and then it will be distributed as a May issue.

 4.       ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE:  no reports                      

5.      REVIEW OF BYLAWS AND COVENENTS: Board officers will meet on June 2 to conduct an initial review of the current documents and will report to the board.                                             


 2019: proposed projects include sprinkler system upgrades (approx $1,000)  and possible attorney costs if we need to update by-laws or CCR’s. ( unknown cost)


2020-2021: Patching and sealing road by units 18-30 (approx $8,000) – this project was discussed and we will review the necessity of this work at next meeting.

Pool replastering (approx $8,000 – 12,000)

 Meeting adjourned.   Next meeting will be Sunday, June 2, 2019.


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