June 2, 2019 POF HOA Board meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held June 2, 2019. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

 Attendees were Carol Scamardo, Cherie Cotner,  Debra Ware, John Cozad, Laine Totah, Stacy Light, Kenneth Johse and Jack Benson.                   

1.   GROUNDS REPORT:  Carol reported the first round of tree trimming has been done.  There will be more done June 8-12.  Carol suggested we have Antonio take care of overgrowth in the wooded areas and near homes.  Stacy made and motion and Kenneth seconded and the Board voted for approval to authorize work up to $2,000.  If more work is necessary, Carol will inform the board and we will vote via email. Board discussed getting new speed limit signs.  John made a motion to authorize Carol to purchase new speed limit signs and Laine seconded.  Motion was approved.   Carol provided information on ordering flags to be put on a homeowner’s property 5 times a year by the Bryan Lions club.  Debra will send this information to all POF owners for informational purposes. 

 2.   TREASURER:  No delinquencies reported.  Debra made a recommendation to remove the pending road repair from our future financial obligations.  Stacy made a motion to remove and Jack seconded.  Board approved. There is now approximately $22,000 extra in our savings account. Cherie made a motion to authorize Jack to investigate options for investing this money in a financial instrument that will return a higher yield than the current savings account.  Stacy seconded. Jack will gather information and put the options out to the board for an email vote.

 3.      POOL: Pool running smoothly.  Note was sent to all POF residents regarding the use of the pool June 9 from 5-7 for a party.  The pool will still be open for any homeowner to use – the email was sent for informational purposes only.

 4.      GENERAL:  Debra attended meeting of City of College Station regarding HOA issues.  The speaker was Josh Benn – a lawyer that specializes in HOA issues.  It was noted that if there is something in your current by-laws or covenants that is against the current state or city law, then the law prevails.  You do not need to formally change this in your instruments.  Your HOA rules can be more restrictive than current city or state laws but not less restrictive.

 4.       ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE:  Board approved ACC request for unit 33 cement step replacement.  Follow up report on unit 18 was reviewed.  Dialog regarding trailer removal continuing.  Debra noted that the suggestion was made at the city meeting that you should continue issuing notifications on violations and not let time lapse on any issue.   Debra will set up a separate folder on the POF Gmail account for violation letters and reminders to be saved together.


5.      REVIEW OF BYLAWS AND COVENENTS: Board officers met on June 2 to discuss any necessary changes and based on the information Debra received at the city meeting it was determined that no changes are necessary at this time.   The board does have the ability to make changes to the General Rules at any time.  If any changes are deemed warranted, Debra suggested that we put the information out to homeowners for comments with the intent to implement within 30 days.



 2019: proposed projects include sprinkler system upgrades (approx  $1,000)        

 Pool replastering (approx $8,000 – 12,000)

 Meeting adjourned.   Next meeting will be Sunday, August 4, 2019.


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