Jan 21, 2020 Annual POF HOA Meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest Annual HOA meeting was held January 21, 2020 at 17 Forest Dr. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM

Attendees: Carol Scamardo, Alan and Wanda Needleman, Shirley Sanford, Kim Tolman, Rhonda Watson, Debra Ware, Kenneth Johse, Jack and Carol Benson, Cherie Cotner, Alexis Dupre, Tom and Stacy Light, and Laine and Ted Totah

President, Debra Ware, called the meeting to order and introduced all the current board members.

Pool: Laine Totah gave an update on the pool status. The pool service has now been used successfully for two years. During the winter we do not have weekly service. Laine checks the pool each month and only calls in service as needed. The pool will reopen the beginning of May and will stay open until the end of September.


Carol Scamardo reported that all grounds work is running smoothly. We are continuing our tree maintenance program. If you have any limbs that need to be trimmed, report them to Carol. Antonio can also be hired independently by homeowners for extra jobs.  New 15 MPH speed limit signs were recently installed. Carol also announced that the Big Event – aggie student service work – will take place on March 28. Applications for jobs to be done by the group must be submitted by the end of February.


Kenneth Johse presented the 2019 income statement and the 2020 budget. He also noted that we currently have a CD for $20,000 that was rolled over in December for 6 months. This money is accumulated in anticipation of future capital improvements. He also noted that the monthly HOA dues were not increased this year and remain at $99 per month.

Capital Improvements for 2020:

Items expected to come up after 2020: Patching and seal coating road in front of Units 18 thru 22. Cost: $8K – $10K. We will also need to re-plaster the pool in the upcoming years. This could cost $10K – $12K.

Architectural Control Committee:

Members of the ACC committee are Carol Benson, Kathy Johse and Tom Ostrowski. General Rules concerning Carport usage were updated by the Board to reflect a new rule:

Driveways, Carports and Atriums Visible from the Street : All areas visible

from the street are to be kept clean and free of clutter. Carports are for cars,

bicycles, trash cans and firewood. Carports are not to be used for storage

with the exception of allowance of trailers used for the duration of Aggie

football season only. Trailers must not extend beyond the covered area of

the carport and be removed once the football season has ended.

Debra noted that all homeowners complied with this new rule.   Debra also reminded everyone that any work performed on exterior of homes must be submitted for approval prior to commencing. Please allow adequate time for ACC and Board to review submittals.

She also reminded everyone that no work, maintenance, clean-up, etc., is allowed to be done on the HOA grounds without HOA approval. All property is HOA other than the individual 40 x 80lot shown on your property survey.

Alexis Dupre notified us to be looking for bees on the property in March. Swarming bees are looking for a home and need to be controlled at first sight. If you see any bees swarming, you should contact pest control.   Debra also has the name of a company that will harvest any bee hives for no charge.

Jack Benson also made us aware to check connections to toilets and washers. While he was away, the connection busted and flooded his house. The plastic pieces have a tendency to break and should be replaced.

16 ballots were received and the proposed board members John Cozad, Jack Benson and Kenneth Johse were voted in. The 2020 budget was also approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 PM

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