June 7 POF HOA Board meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held June 7, 2020. Meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM.

Attendees were Carol Scamardo, Stacy Light, Laine Totah, Jack Benson, Cherie Cotner, Debra Ware and Kenneth Johse. Minutes from last meeting were read. Jack made a motion to accept minutes as read, Kenneth seconded. Board approved.

  1. SECRETARY: Laine gave update on new renter in Number 10 and new pending owner in number 24. The directory of residents will be updated once the sale of number 24 is finalized and will be distributed at that time.
  2. TREASURER: Kenneth contacted one owner regarding delinquent HOA dues. These will be taken care of within the next week. The CD renewal is due this month. Jack made a motion to that the board grant approval to Kenneth to renew for another 6 months. Laine seconded. Board approved.
  3. GROUNDS: Carol received 2 bids for installing a street lamp in front of #4. She contacted at least 5 others who did not return calls or submit bids. Jack noted that due diligence bid process had been completed and the bids were reviewed. Jack made a motion that we proceed with the project and accept the bid from Terry Hoelscher. Laine seconded. The board approved and Carol will notify them and begin the installation process.
  4. POOL: Laine reported that Carol had donated a BBQ grill for the pool for any residents use. The board thanked her for the kind donation.  
  1. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE:   Board discussed sending an email reminder to all homeowners regarding proper use of carports. Board agreed that she should send the reminder and she will also include message that the pool has a new BBQ grill at the pool that is for all residents to use.


  1. ELECTION COMMITTEE: Stacy has no new report.

FUTURE CAPITAL PROJECTS: proposed projects include sprinkler system upgrades (approx $1,000)          

Pool replastering (approx $8,000 – 12,000)

Board agreed to skip July meeting. Next meeting will be August 2, 2020.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45

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