April 10 POF board meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held April 10, 2022. Meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM.

Attendees were Stacy Light, Kenneth Johse, Kim Tolman, Jack Benson, John Cozad, Carol Scamardo, Laine Totah, Julius Gribou and Cherie Cotner.

March meeting minutes were approved as presented.

1. TREASURER: Kenneth reported that we have 4-5 HOA assessments that are delinquent. Kenneth will follow up with these homeowners. Kenneth also reported that Prosperity Bank will now wait to clear a check when it’s deposited – not when it was written in the online system.

2. GROUNDS: Carol Scamardo reported that grounds maintenance is continuing on. Jack noted that the street light by number 23 is out. Carol will contact the city to get this fixed.

3. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Work is continuing on Number 10. Julius met with the owner and the contractor to review the proposed work including siding replacement and possible house interior extension into the patio area. It will be an extensive project if they decide to do it. Julius reminded everyone that old paint cans can not be put at the bulk trash. The city will not pick them up. Julius also noted that the work on number 23 is almost complete. Once finalized we need to make sure all debris is removed and damaged shrubs are replaced. Prior precedent requires that the homeowner purchase the plants and the ground crew will plant them. The trailer is still parked in number 28 driveway. Stacy contacted the owner to remind them to remove it.


4. POOL: Laine advised that the pool cover has numerous rips in it – probably due to animals walking across. It will probably need to be replaced. Laine and Kim will contact the Pool Guys to have the pool uncovered and maintenance check first week of May.

5. NEW BUSINESS: Stacy advised that a Management Certificate still needs to be filed. She will look into this.

The next board meeting will be May 3 or June 5. Possibly in person. Once decided an update will be posted on the website.

Meeting adjourned 7:15
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