March 6, 2022 POF HOA board meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held March 6, 2022. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Attendees were Stacy Light, Kenneth Johse, Kim Tolman, Jack Benson, John Cozad, Carol Scamardo, Laine Totah, Julius Gribou and Cherie Cotner. 


February meeting minutes were approved as presented.

   Election of officers held: 

President: Stacy Light.  Jack nominated, Kenneth seconded

Vice President: Jack Benson.  Stacy nominated, Laine seconded

Secretary: Laine Totah.  Carol nominated, Stacy seconded

Treasurer: Kenneth Johse.  Laine nominated, Jack seconded

Board approved all officer nominations


Committee appointments:

Grounds: Carol Scarmardo (chair), Cherie Cotner

Pool:  Laine Totah (chair), Kim Tolman

ACC: Julius Gribou (chair), Kathy Johse, Carol Benson, Rhonda Watson, Jennifer Fredericks                                     


  1. TREASURER:  Kenneth reported that we received more HOA assessments in February due to owners paying annually.  Under Other Website charges for technical work on the security camera were posted.  Kenneth noted that there are a few delinquent HOA dues that he will follow up on.


  1. GROUNDS: Carol Scamardo reported that grounds maintenance is continuing on. Carol noted that Antonio and crew will work on adding topsoil and ground cover where needed. We have updated wording for the Grounds Information Sheet.  This will be posted to the website.


  1. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Work is continuing on Number 10 brick work. Julius is working with the contractor to ensure the brick matches as close as possible and will also consult with them on the siding. Number 14 is planning a renovation and Julius has been in contact with the owner.  Stacy noted that the carport ceiling is coming down in number 19.  She sent them and email and has not received a response.  She will contact them again.


  1. NEW BUSINESS: Stacy advised that a Management Certificate needs to be filed. Kenneth will look into this.  Stacy will find out the deadline for this filing. Stacy will research to see if General Rules need to be filed with the state.  This will possibly require a 2/3 vote of approval of the rules by the homeowners.  The camera technician will train a few board members on the battery and memory card installation. We will also have additional keys to the camera lock made. Kenneth noted that a new state law passed that says that HOA’s can collect up to $300 for a resale certificate if required by the title company when a home sells. We currently collect a $100 transfer fee, this would be in addition to that.  This wording would have to be added to the by-laws and would require a 2/3 vote.  Kenneth will research this. We discussed providing packets to new owners that contain by-laws, covenants, general rules, etc.  Kim Tolman volunteered to do this for new owners. 


The next board meeting will be April 10 at 7:00 on Zoom.

Meeting adjourned 8:05


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