January 8, 2023 POF HOA Board Meeting

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held January 8, 2023. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Attendees were Stacy Light, Kenneth Johse, Kim Tolman, Julius Gribou, John Cozad, Cherie Cotner, Jack Benson and Carol Scamardo.

November meeting minutes were approved as presented.

TREASURER: Kenneth reported that we had a deficit this year. Adjustments to next year budget were made based on this.

GROUNDS: All running smoothly. No report.

POOL: The pool was covered and closed on October 14th. No report.

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Julius stated that #19 is planning a complete renovation. He will receive an ACC form once they have completed their final plans. The roof work on #5 will be completed. No additional work is planned for this unit. Julius will look into the POF insurance policy. He will have Debra Ware’s name removed. Future policy will not include any homeowners specific name.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Kim reported that Jennifer Fredericks, Jack Benson and Kenneth Johse will be on the ballot for board member.


NEW BUSINESS: The rental cap and fining amendment was discussed. The board approved via email some minor corrections to the amendment. The vote is due January 11th. The board is monitoring the receipts and contacting owners who have not voted to remind them. Fines have been brought up with many questions that Stacy has been answering. A committee of board members and non-board members will be formed to write and report about fines. Owners of 32 and 14 have requested to be put on the rental list if the amendment passes. Stacy will check into a city grant to use on repairs to our road.

Meeting adjourned 8:05. The annual homeowners meeting will be held Tuesday, January 17th at number 17. Social time at 6:30 and business meeting at 7:00.

Next board meetings will be Feb 12 – Zoom

March 12 – Jacks presides at Carols’ house

April 2

May 7.

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