January 17, 2023 POF Annual Meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest Annual HOA meeting was held January 17, 2023. Meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

Attendees: Carol Scamardo, Kenneth Johse, Jack and Carol Benson, Cherie Cotner, Julius and Kathy Gribou, Jennifer Fredericks, Chandler Arden, Maria Zarari, Stratos Pistikopoulos, Henry Geneczko, Liz Hamff, Antonio Garcia, Debra Ware, Chrisleigh Dal Sasso, Ozden Ochoa, Tom and Stacy Light, John Cozad, Kim Tolman, and Laine and Ted Totah

President, Stacy Light, called the meeting to order. She reported on the new owners: Unit 5 owner: Trey Guseman, Unit 14 owner Liz Hamff


Copies of the meeting minutes from last year’s meeting were distributed. Laine Totah (secretary) reported that the meeting minutes are all posted on the Post Oak Forest website. The website also includes announcements of future meetings. Any resident is invited to attend the monthly board meetings.


Kenneth Johse (treasurer) reported that we ended the 2022 year with a slight deficit. This was due to unexpected expenditures for a pool cover, dead tree trimming and lawyer fees. The HOA dues will increase 5% in 2023 to $104/month. Kenneth reported that we have over $30,000 in a savings account to cover any capital improvements so we are in good shape for the future.

Pool: Laine Totah gave an update on the pool status. We purchased a new pool cover this year and also repaired the coping grout. Bob Hall graciously donated two pool umbrellas for our use. Laine and Kim Tolman will monitor the pool chemicals and maintenance during the winter and spring. The pool will need to be resurfaced at some point. We will evaluate once the cover comes off in May.


Carol Scamardo reported that all grounds work is running smoothly. We continued our tree maintenance program which required a number of tree removals due to the freeze and drought. Tree removal will continue into this year. Julius Gribou suggested that we look into doing some replanting with native plants and trees where things have been removed. The abundance of acorns that dropped this year will possibly provide some new trees. The grounds crew has been informed to leave these starter trees and not chop them. Tom Light noted that there is bamboo growing behind his home. He removed a lot of it. Carol noted that the grounds crew has also removed some and they will continue to remove as they see it. Its very invasive and needs to be managed as we see it. Stacy noted that we might be able to get funds to removes trees, etc with the city of College Station beautification grant.

Ozden Ochoa volunteered to look into this issue. Carol noted that she is very appreciative of Antonio and his crew for all the hard work they have done for the neighborhood.

Architectural Control Committee:

Julius noted that #10 was completely resided and repainted. He also noted that we should all fill out an ACC form in advance for ANY exterior work that needs to be done. Julius has extensive architecture experience and would be happy to consult on your proposal. Please allow adequate time for ACC and Board to review submissions. Julius is planning to provide a color pallet for outdoor paint colors and he is also working on a list of contractors that POF residents recommend for various jobs including electrical, plumbing, etc. Ted Totah asked about the temporary sign at the front of the neighborhood regarding security camera, etc. It sits in front of the permanent designed structure and covers up a lot of the sign. Neighbors noted that the sign does seem to work to deter drivers who are turning in here by mistake. It was noted that we should cut down the landscaping in front of the permanent sign so it is more visible and possibly move the temporary sign over to the right and see if this solution works to keep cars out who turn in here incorrectly but still have the architectural sign visible.


Stacy reported that the security camera that was installed at the front entrance of the neighborhood is continuing to work. The camera takes pictures of the license plates of all cars coming in and out. The camera saves the images on a data card and the camera is locked.

Current Business:

Amendment #1 to the covenants for rental restrictions at 15% and the ability to establish fines passes with the required 2/3 vote. We would like to establish a committee for fines. Stacy has some guidelines from her neighborhood in Dallas. Tom Light and Chrisleigh Dal Sasso volunteered to be on the committee. Stacy will send out an email requesting other volunteers. Stacy also noted that the board will be meeting soon to come up with more specifics and clarifications regarding the rental cap procedures. We will then have them reviewed by the attorney and finalized for filing and publication.


18 ballots were received and the proposed board members Kenneth Johse, Jack Benson and Jennifer Fredericks were voted in. The 2023 budget was also approved.

Jack Benson noted a big thank you to Stacy for her hard work serving on the board welcomed Jennifer to the board.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 PM

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