November 12, 2023 POF HOA Board meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held November 12, 2023 via ZOOM. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Attendees were Stacy Light, Kenneth Johse, Kim Tolman, Carol Scamardo, Cherie Cotner, Laine Totah and Jack Benson.

October minutes change required regarding fence posts – 30 new at a cost of $2,350 split with the building. Minutes were then approved with this change.

TREASURER: Kenneth reviewed the budget. This year expenses will be approximately $8-10,000 over assessments. This shortfall will be covered by a transfer from savings. Deficit due to increased landscaping costs.

GROUNDS: Carol is stepping in temporarily to chair the landscaping committee during Tom’s absence. Liz Hampf and Debra Ware had Advanced Irrigation in Lawns reconfigure the sprinkler systems within the neighborhood. They will return to show Antonio and the grounds crew how to turn the controls off and on and set timers. Carol will learn the system also. Kim noted they should check the front esplanade as there is extra water running off there when it runs. A large tree was removed from between #33 and 34. Spencer has also returned and finished all the tree trimming for this year. Kim asked if they will be painting the new replacement fence posts. Carol will ask Antonio about this. Carol also asked about the status of the power on #4. When the power is turned off the streetlight in front will not work. Kenneth will ask the guardian of #4 about the power.

POOL: The pool is closed for the season.

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: No report. We will request Julius check on the status of the renovation at #19.

NEW BUSINESS: The ballot went out for the increase in HOA dues. We are requesting an increase to $140/month primarily due to increased landscaping costs. A Zoom informational meeting will be held November 14 to answer any questions that homeowners may have. Votes will be due November 20. We have already received 17 votes at this time. The nominating committee is ready to propose a slate of three names to fill the board vacancies. Ballots will need to be sent to all owners by December 13th. The annual meeting will be January 16th at Carol’s house.

Next board meeting will be January 7th.

Meeting adjourned 8:00.

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