POF HOA January 7, 2024 Meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held January 7, 2024 via ZOOM. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Attendees were Stacy Light, Kenneth Johse, Kim Tolman, Carol Scamardo, Cherie Cotner, Laine Totah and Jack Benson.

November minutes approved as posted.

The annual meeting agenda and ballot will be sent out tomorrow.

The vote to increase the monthly dues to $140 month has passed.

TREASURER: Kenneth reviewed the budget. This year expenses exceeded assessments due to extra expenses for landscaping, water system repairs and additional watering during the dry period. This shortfall was covered by a transfer from savings. The $10,000 CD at Prosperity Bank was renewed for a seven month period at a rate of 4%.

GROUNDS: Tom Light reported that the large knock out roses at the front entrance will be removed. The sprinkler system underneath there will be repaired and colorful flowers will be planted. The rose bushes will be replanted at the pool area. The fence that was repaired by #1 will need to be repainted. Antonio has a person that can give a bid for the job. It will need to be pressure washed and painted.

POOL: The pool is closed for the season.

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Julius will get with #4 to discuss upcoming renovation. Stacy will send a note regarding the status of the renovation at #19 and asking when the port a potty will be removed. Stacy will send note to #28 regarding the trailer that is in the carport.

NEW BUSINESS: Stacy called a number of people to get a bid on road repair. We will request Julius to head up the project. We are requesting that Ozden head up an application for the City of College Station Beautification Grant in 2024. The annual meeting will be January 16th at Carol’s house. Social time will begin at 6:30 and business meeting at 7:00. Kenneth made a motion to reimburse Carol for cleaning fee for hosting the meeting. Laine seconded. Motion approved. Kim Tolman has agreed to step in as HOA President in 2024.

Meeting adjourned 8:00.

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