POF Annual Meeting Jan 23, 2024 minutes

Post Oak Forest Annual HOA meeting was held January 23, 2024. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Attendees: Carol Scamardo, Kenneth Johse, Jack and Carol Benson, Cherie Cotner, Julius and Kathy Gribou, Antonio Garcia, Debra Ware, Stacy Light, Kim Tolman, and Laine and Ted Totah, John Karle, Melanie Hawthorne, Shirley Sanford, Matt Henderson and Becca Fullerton

President, Stacy Light, called the meeting to order. She introduced the board members and introduced two new owners: Unit 5 owner: John Karle, Unit 24 owner Melanie Hawthorne


Laine Totah (secretary) reported that the previous annual meeting minutes are all posted on the Post Oak Forest website. The website also includes announcements of future meetings.


Kenneth Johse (treasurer) reported that we ended the 2023 year with a slight deficit. This was due to increased expenditures for ground maintenance and watering. The HOA dues will increase in 2024 to $140/month. This increase was voted on and approved in a November homeowner vote. Kenneth reported that we have approximately $29,000 in savings to cover any capital improvements so we are in good shape for the future.

Pool: Laine Totah gave an update on the pool status. We continued to use the Pool Guys for weekly maintenance from May through October. Laine and Kim Tolman will monitor the pool chemicals and maintenance during the winter and spring. The pool will need to be resurfaced at some point. We will evaluate once the cover comes off in May.


Tom Light has taken over the as the head of the grounds committee. We all thanked Carol Scamardo for all of her hard work on the grounds for many years. The grounds maintenance has increased this year. We received 3 bids to ensure that costs were in line with the current market and voted to continue using the same crew. A contract through 2024 was signed. Carol Scamardo reported that Antonio and his crew came out and fixed broken pipes during the freeze and they continue to handle other maintenance jobs as needed. Annual tree trimming was done in the fall. Donal Antil has volunteered to coordinate the tree trimming. Tom Light had the front fence replace by Antonio. We will get a bid to pressure wash and paint or stain the repaired fence. The sprinklers will continue to be repaired. The large roses by the entrance sign were removed as they were covering the letters on the sign. The sprinkle under will be repaired and then colorful pansies will be planted. Julius noted that we might need to lower the light on the sign. We will need to hire an electrician at some point to fix some lights on the pool path.

Stacy noted Ozden Ochoa has volunteered to look into applying a city of College Station beautification grant.

Architectural Control Committee:

Julius noted that he is available to help any owners with advice on renovations He reminded us a ACC form must be completed and approved before any outdoor renovations are done. Julius reported that #19 renovation work should be completed by the end of March. After they are finished the owner will make sure the grounds are all restored. Julius is planning to walk around and check for any problem areas. Carol suggested we write up guidelines for renovation time lines. We all thanked Julius for his hard work.

Current Business:

Capital improvements for 2024 include finishing the fence repair, road repair on the exit with the brick pavers and asphalt hole by number 23. Stacy received a bid of $4,000 to make the road repairs. Tom and Greg Light have volunteered to look into doing this themselves since this bid is so high. The board will review this at the next meeting.


22 ballots were received and the proposed board members Cherie Cotner, Julius Gribou and Matt Henderson were voted in. The 2024 budget was also approved.

We all noted a big thank you to Stacy for her hard work serving as the president. Kim Tolman will take over as president next month.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM

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