February 4, 2024 POF HOA Board Meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held February 4, 2024 via ZOOM. Meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM.

Attendees were Stacy Light, Kim Tolman, Jennifer Fredericks, Laine Totah, Cherie Cotner, Jack Benson, Kenneth Johse, Julius Gribou and Matt Henderson.

Matt was welcomed as the new board member.

Election of Officers and Committees:

President: Kim Tolman

Vice President: Jack Benson

Secretary: Laine Totah

Treasurer: Kenneth Johse

Kenneth Johse made a motion to elect the slate of nominees. Laine Totah seconded the motion. The Board voted and all officers were approved.

Committee Members are as follows:

Grounds: Tom Light (Chair), Donal Antil, Liz Hampf, Debra Ware

Pool: Laine Totah, Kim Tolman, Bob Hall

ACC: Julius (Chair), Kathy Johse, Carol Benson, Jennifer Fredericks, Rhonda Watson

Board approved all committees.

January meeting minutes were approved as presented.

TREASURER: Kenneth sent in the financials. A number of collections for yearly dues have been received. Four owners have not paid Januaary dues yet. Kenneth will contact them. Signatures on the banking account will need to be update with the new president Kim. Laine will contact Prosperity bank to see what needs to be done to accomplish this.

GROUNDS: Tom Light reported that all is running smoothly. The knock out roses by the front entrance were moved to the pool area. The front bed was replanted with colorful pansies and native grasses. The irrigation system was repaired at the front sign also. All noted that the changes look very nice. A tree was removed by the homeowner at #19. It was blocking electrical wiring. It was noted that all tree trimming should be approved by the grounds committee prior to work being done. Tom Light and Ozden Ochoa have volunteered to look into applying for a city beautification grant. They are engaging a master gardener to walk the subdivision and recommend ideas and possible projects that could be covered by the grant. The city will reimburse 50% of costs for approved projects. Tom and Antonio looked at the front fence. Antonio quoted $950 to pressure wash it and then we can determine the next step on painting or staining.

ROAD REPAIR: Stacy received a bid of $4,300 from Young Paving to repair the large pothole by number 22 and also level the area at the front entrance and exit by the brick pavers. Jennifer received a quote from Cervantes Construction of $3,000 for this work. Julius has agreed to meet with them to ensure the same scope of work is covered. Tom and Greg Light have also volunteered to do a cost effective self repair. The board will review these three options and make a determination.

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Julius reported that #19 renovation is supposed to be finished by the end of March. Tom Light will coordinate with the owner to ensure that the landscaping that has been torn up by the renovation is put back in order. Julius will walk the neighborhood and will send note.

NEW BUSINESS: Becca Fullerton has agreed to help revamp our website.

Kim set the next ZOOM meetings schedule as follows:

March 3

April 7

May 5

June 2

Meeting adjourned 7:45.

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