March 3, 2024 Post Oak Forest Board Meeting Minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held March 3, 2024 via ZOOM. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Attendees were Kim Tolman, Stacy Light, Tom Light, Jennifer Fredericks, Cherie Cotner, Jack Benson, Kenneth Johse, Julius Gribou, and Matt Henderson.


  • Fence work at the front of the neighborhood was completed and looks good. Partners on both sides are happy.
  • Unit 19. Maria is working with Grounds to match style. Antonio is coordinating with Tom Light on the work.
  • The beautification grant is in Ozden’s court.
  • Julius noted that the leaves behind the units need to be picked up and pose a fire threat if not handled.



  • Road crew has marked the repair spots and will let Julius know the day before work will be done. We should be able to drive on the patches an hour after compacted.
  • No new updates on units 4 or 5.



  • No major news.
  • 2-3 people have not paid yet this year.



  • Kim called the pool guy regarding the pump not working. Waiting for an update.


Next meeting is scheduled for April 7.

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