April 7, 2024 POF HOA Board meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held April 7, 2024 via ZOOM. Meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM.

Attendees were Stacy Light, Kim Tolman, Jennifer Fredericks, Laine Totah, Cherie Cotner, Jack Benson, and Julius Gribou.

March meeting minutes were approved with change made to 3rd bullet point: name change from “Austin” to “Ozden” and next sentence deleted.

Kim and the board thanked Tom and Greg Light for the work they did on the front entrance sign. The sign was pressure washed and painted and looks very good.

TREASURER: Kenneth sent in the financials. No issues noted.

GROUNDS: Tom reported that the owner of number 19 will hire their own landscaper to bring the grounds back to order after the extensive renovation project. Jennifer proposed that we allow this to occur and once completed the board will need to be satisfied that the work done brought the grounds back to the original state. All agreed. Cherie noted that there are some trees by her that are dead. Tom and Donal will assess the tree removal situation with the tree trimmer and make a proposal in the next few months. The city of College Station beautification grant timeline has been extended. Tom Light and Ozden Ochoa had proposed getting an arborist to look at the grounds and propose possible projects but it was decided that we will wait until next year on this since we do not have any imminent need at this time. The HOA still pays 50% of the costs with the city contributing the other 50% of any approved beautification project.

ROAD REPAIR: Work has begun on the road repair. Julius reported that the crew came out and made beginning progress. He will contact them to make sure work gets completed.

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Julius reported that he met with the new owner of #4 regarding the renovation. The renovation is moving along quickly. They are renovating and planning to sell. #5 still working on their renovation. Julius will walk the neighborhood and will send notes to anyone with violations.

NEW BUSINESS: Kim contacted an electrician to repair pool path lights but has not heard a response yet. She will get information again from Julius and will follow up.

Next ZOOM meeting is May 5

Meeting adjourned 7:37.

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