Oct 11, 2020 POF HOA Board meeting minutes

Attendees were Carol Scamardo, Stacy Light, Laine Totah, David Hicks, Jack Benson, Cherie Cotner, John Cozad, Debra Ware and Kenneth Johse. 

Minutes from last meeting were read.  Stacy made a motion to accept the minutes, Jack seconded. Board approved.

  1. SECRETARY: No news to report.
  1. TREASURER:  Kenneth submitted treasurer report.  Stacy asked if the new pool furniture was included in the financials and Kenneth confirmed. Board approved.  Kenneth will include funds for the new fencing in the 2021 annual budget.
  1. GROUNDS: Carol is working with Spencer to begin the tree trimming throughout the neighborhood.  This work should begin soon.  Carol noted that any homeowner who wants firewood from the cuttings can make a request to her.  The fence that runs between number 22 and 23 needs to be replaced.  This project will be done in 2021.  Once the tree trimming is complete, Carol will begin this bidding process.  Carol noted that the numbers 1-34 on the entrance sign are now covered by the growing plants.  Board decided to ask Julius of the ACC to look into putting new numbers up higher on the sign.  The plants have also grown and covered the lights, Carol will look into having these plants cut back to allow the light to shine.
  1. POOL: Laine reported that the pool will be covered and closed for the winter this week.       


  1. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Carport compliance was discussed. Debra will send a proposal concerning items in carports to board members with suggested wording to homeowners.   A homeowner has brought forward a concern regarding a tree in their driveway.  Debra will contact the owner and request they fill out a formal ACC request to get the issue reviewed by the ACC.                                  


  1. ELECTION COMMITTEE: Stacy reported that several people have expressed interest in serving on the board. The nominating committee will review the interest and report.

FUTURE CAPITAL PROJECTS:  proposed projects include sprinkler system upgrades (approx  $1,000)         

Pool replastering (approx $8,000 – 12,000)

The annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 19th.  Debra suggested we hold this outdoors on the driveway of number 7.  The board agreed.  We will proceed forward with plans to hold this meeting outdoors due to COVID protocols.

Next meeting will be November 1, 2020.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55

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