POF Annual Meeting minutes January 18, 2021

Post Oak Forest Annual HOA meeting was held January 19, 2021 via ZOOM meeting due to COVID virus restrictions.  Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Attendees: Carol Scamardo,  Alan and Wanda Needleman, Rhonda Watson, Debra Ware,  Jack and Carol Benson, Cherie Cotner, David Hicks, Julius and Kathy Gribou, Jennifer Fredericks, Chandler Arden,  Ozden Ochoa, Greg Light,Tom and Stacy Light, and Laine and Ted Totah

President, Debra Ware, called the meeting to order.  She introduced the new residents/owners:  Unit 7 owner: Bob Hall, Unit 18 resident: Cameron House and Unit 24 owners : Julius and Kathy Gribou

Pool:  Laine Totah gave an update on the pool status.  The pool service has now been used successfully for three years.  During the winter we do not have weekly service.  Laine checks the pool each month and only calls in service as needed.  The pool will reopen the beginning of May and will stay open until the end of September.  We purchased new pool chairs and tables – thanks to Stacy Light for researching and making these purchases.  Carol suggested we cover the new furniture over the winter.  We will look into doing that.


Carol Scamardo reported that all grounds work is running smoothly.  We had some electrical work done at the entrance this year.  We also had a new street lamp installed in front of unit 4.  We had the grounds crew do a major clean up around all the common grounds and around the houses. The grounds crew is currently leveling all the brick walkways at the pool. We continued our tree maintenance program.  We had a lot of tree work to do and did not have the funds in 2020 to complete it all.  The trimming project will continue on this year. If you have any limbs that need to be trimmed, report them to Carol.  The fence running along units 22 and 23 will need to be replaced this year and is included in our capital projects budget for 2021.  Jennifer Fredericks asked who owns the fence – POF or the neighbors on the other side.  Carol noted that we are assuming the costs will be shared and she is planning to contact them to request their participation in the costs. Carol also noted that the fence in the front of the subdivision needs repair and will be added in to the project scope.  A big thank you was extended to Carol for all the hard work she does for the neighborhood.


Debra Ware presented the statements for Kenneth Johse who was unable to attend the meeting. She presented the 2020 income statement and the 2021 budget.  It was also noted that the monthly HOA dues were not increased this year and remain at $99 per month.

Capital Improvements for 2021 and beyond:

Fencing repair or replacement at East area of property (Units 22-23 area) and front fencing – bids not yet obtained

Patching and seal coating road in front of Units 18 thru 22. Cost: $8K – $10K. 

Pool re-plastering.  Cost approximately $8K – $12K.

Architectural Control Committee: 

Members of the ACC committee are Carol Benson, Kathy Johse and Julius Gribou (Chair).  Debra suggested we all follow best practices when we are going to do any exterior work to our units which requires that any work performed on exterior of homes must be submitted for approval prior to commencing. Contact Julius before any work is done to ensure everything goes smoothly.  Julius has extensive architecture experience and would be happy to consult on your proposal. Please allow adequate time for ACC and Board to review submittals.


21 ballots were received and the proposed board members Carol Scamardo, Cherie Cotner and Julius Gribou were voted in.  The 2021 budget was also approved. 

Jack Benson noted a big thank you to Debra for her hard work serving on the board and as board president.  She will be missed.  He also thanked Laine and Carol for their contributions to the neighborhood. 

Julius noted a few items that he would like to look into in 2021.  The board will be looking into these issues at the next meeting:

  • estates sales – can we address how to stop these
  • installing a gate at the front entrance
  • piles of debris on the other side of the gate by the mailboxes – who owns this land.  Julius asked if anyone had a legal plat for the subdivision.  Jennifer Fredericks said she would try to acquire this. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM



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