POF HOA Board Meeting Feb 7, 2021

Attendees were Carol Scamardo, Laine Totah, Stacy Light, Jack Benson, Kenneth Johse, Cherie Cotner, and Julius Gribou. 


Annual meeting minutes will be amended to exclude Kenneth Johse from the attendance. Jack made a motion to accept the minutes with this correction, Cherie seconded. Board approved.



President:  Stacy Light was nominated by Laine. . Cherie seconded. Board approved.

Kennerh nominated and Carol seconded the following officers to continue on in their current roles:


Vice President: Jack Benson

Secretary: Laine Totah

Treasurer: Kenneth Johse

Board approved all officers


Committee Members are as follows:

Grounds: Carol (Chair) Cherie

Pool: Laine (Chair), Kim Tolman

ACC: Julius (Chair), Kathy Johse, Carol Benson, Jennifer Fredericks, Rhonda Watson



  1. TREASURER:  Kenneth submitted treasurer report via email.  Receipts in January large due to many homeowners paying yearly dues in lump sum.  Stacy opened a Zoom account to conduct meetings and will turn in receipt for reimbursement.  POF bank account signers will be updated at Prosperity Bank once minutes are sent over.


  1. GROUNDS: Carol reported that ground work is continuing. She will purchase plastic covering for the new pool furniture and the grounds crew will put these on next week. Tom Light has been working to get bids to replace the fencing at the back of the property and also at the front.  He received three bids and narrowed it down to two viable options:  Ace Fence and Antonio the groundskeeper.  The bid for the back fence with steel posts was the same from both: $11,200.  Ace looked at the front fence and recommended a single side fence with steel posts at a bid of $8,224.  Tom will contact Antonio to get a bid from him for this work and then a final recommendation will be submitted.  Two homeowners that share the back fence will be contacted by Carol to request that they share in the costs.  Stacy will contact the building owners in the front of the property that share the front fence and request they share in the cost.  Jack noted and the board agreed that the back fence is the first priority since some sections are falling down.  The front will be done this year if we have enough funds.


  1. POOL: Laine reported that she is checking the pool once a month and adding chemicals as needed.        


  1. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Julius reported that roof work on # 15 and #28 has been approved. Drainage and foundation work on # 32 is in progress and Julius is working with the homeowner on an awning over the back door to prevent water splashing and rotting the door.  Julius spoke to the city about installing a front gate to the subdivision.  There is enough room for a turnaround.  Julius will get some bids to see if the cost would be feasible for the neighborhood.  Once we get a better idea on the cost then we will make a decision.  If gate not feasible, we might look into installing security cameras.  Julius has volunteered to put together a list of contractors we have used or recommend for various trades and will distribute to all homeowners.


  1. OTHER ITEMS: Estate sales in the neighborhood were discussed. Bylaws do not prohibit them and it would require a 2/3 vote to change the bylaws. Stacy will investigate what we need to do to change our general rules.  If possible, we might try to add some wording there to encourage only online estate sales in the future. Carol brought up some low hanging lines behind #20-22.  They are not electrical according to the city, but we are not sure if they are phone, Frontier cable or something else. Cherie will contact Frontier to see if they will come out and look at them.


Next meeting dates:

March 7

April 11

May 2

June 6

August 1

All meetings will be at 7:00 P.M.


Meeting adjourned at 3:25

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