POF HOA Board March 9, 2021 meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held March 7, 2021. Meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM.

Attendees were Carol Scamardo, Laine Totah, Stacy Light, Jack Benson, Kenneth Johse, Cherie Cotner, and John Cozad. 

Jack made a motion to accept the January meeting minutes.  Kenneth seconded. Board approved.  Laine reported that the POF bank account signature documents were updated and returned to Prosperity Bank.


  1. TREASURER:  Kenneth submitted treasurer report via email.  Kenneth noted that we should have enough funds to complete the fencing project.


  1. GROUNDS: Carol reported that the grounds crew will begin clearing out the dead plants from the freeze. Carol suggested that we pay Antonio an extra $200 for coming out and helping homeowners with issues during the freeze.  Jack made a motion to pay Antonio $200, Laine seconded and the motion was approved by the board.


  1. FENCING: Tom Light presented the bids received to replace or repair the fence in the front and back of the neighborhood.  Stacy and Carol began the presentation noting that they had received verbal approval to split the fencing costs from the back fence homeowners who share the fence and the front business that shares the fence.  They will proceed with getting these approvals in writing before the project begins. Tom presented three bids to build fences with steel posts sunk three feet in concrete and 6 foot cedar wood planks:


  1. Bryan Fence: they never came out but gave bid by email for $14,700 for back fence and $8,000 for front fence.  Recommended we not go with them since they were not going to be able to do the work for quite a while and did not have time to come out for proper review of the requested work
  2. Ace Fencing: the company came out to see the area and presented a bid for back fence of $11,550.  Recommended front fence be built entirely new as one sided at a quote of $8,481.   If double sided requested the quote would be $13,622.  They would not be able to start the job until May or June.
  3. Antonio presented a bid for the back fence of $10,825. He proposed repairing the front fence by installing steel posts sunk three feet and reusing the current double sided fencing as he felt it was in good shape at a cost of $3,000.  He would be able to start in 3 weeks and it should take approximately 3 weeks.

Tom recommended we accept the bid from Antonio with the stipulation that the costs will be shared by the back homeowners who share the back fence and the front business that shares the front fence.  Jack made a motion to accept this and Kenneth seconded.  The board approved.

   4. POOL: Laine reported that she is checking the pool once a month and adding chemicals as needed.  Tom Light recommended we get a quote from the pool maintenance company on a freeze guard.  Laine will get the Pool Guys to quote on this when they come back to remove the cover.

  1. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Julius reported via email that work on # 32 is completed except for the awning. Awning type has been approved by ACC committee and will be completed soon.  Board discussed the issue of a gate at the front of the neighborhood and approved Julius to get some bids to see if the cost would be feasible. Once we get a better idea on the cost then the board can review and will make a decision.  This will probably need a 2/3 approval of all homeowners.  Julius has also volunteered to put together a list of contractors we have used or recommend for various trades and will distribute to all homeowners.

OTHER ITEMS: Estate sales in the neighborhood were discussed.  The Board voted that we would like to include recommendations on estate sales in our general rules.  Stacy proposed adding the following wording to our general rules: 

 “In considering doing an Estate Sale, please consider an online sale or work with the POF Board on the best way to minimize issues such as blocked driveways and broken sprinkler heads.  Our neighborhood is small and the streets are narrow which has led to problems in the past”   Laine will add this to the General Rules and distribute to the board for review/approval to post to the web site.

We discussed the low hanging lines behind #20-22.  They are not electrical according to the city, but we are not sure if they are phone, Frontier cable or something else. Cherie will contact Frontier to see if they will come out and look at them.  Cherie is also working on a new POF newsletter.

Next meeting dates:

April 11

May 2

June 6

August 1

All meetings will be at 7:00 P.M.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10

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