May 17, 2021 POF HOA Board meeting minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held May 16, 2021. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Attendees were Carol Scamardo, Laine Totah, Stacy Light, Kenneth Johse, Jack Benson, Cherie Cotner, and John Cozad. 

Jack made a motion to accept the February meeting minutes.  Cherie seconded. Board approved


  1. TREASURER:  Kenneth reported that he paid Antonio $7,200 for our share of the new front and back fencing.  Antonio will bill the front office owners and back shared homeowners for their share of the fence costs directly.  There is one home delinquent on HOA dues.  The home is in the process of selling.   It was noted that any delinquent dues on a house that sells will have the funds paid to our HOA and taken from the seller proceeds.


  1. GROUNDS: Carol reported that the grounds crew will continue to cut back shrubs that froze and we will continue monitoring.  Someone drove through the front esplanade so Antonio added mulch and fixed this up this week. Jack noted that there is still some debris left around the new fencing at the back and Carol will ask Antonio to clear this out.  The board thanked Carol and Tom Light for all their hard work in getting the fencing project completed.


  1. POOL: Laine reported that the Pool Guys uncovered the pool this week and the twice weekly maintenance has begun. Laine will send a notice to all that the pool is now open and will include the pool rules as a reminder to all.  We will look into possibly having a pool party sometime in June.


  1. SECURIYY FOR NEIGHBORHOOD: There were two instances of unknown cars driving and parking at the parking pads in POF recently.  Stacy sent an email to everyone to make them aware of the situation.  The board discussed making a sign for the entrance that notes that this is private property 1-34 Forest drive and that the area is under video surveillance.  Laine made a motion to make the sign, Jack seconded and the board approved.  Carol will look into getting a sign made and also smaller signs for all the parking pads.  Julius reported via email that he is trying to get bids to install a front gate but has not yet received any.  He will continue looking into this.  We also discussed installing a camera in the front and back of the subdivision.  Alexis in number 22 was given two camera recommendations from the police.  The board discussed paying for the two cameras and the monthly monitoring from HOA funds.  Cherie made a motion to do this, Kenneth seconded and the board approved.  Stacy will ask Alexis if she is willing to take on this project.


  1. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Julius had no new ACC reports this month.


  1. NEW BUSINESS: Jack looked at the fence by unit 1 that is leaning.  Carol will ask Antonio to take a look at this and make a proposal to fix it.  She will report back with findings.

Next meeting dates:

June 6

Meeting adjourned at 7:55

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