January 18, 2022 POF Annual Meeting Minutes

Post Oak Forest Annual HOA meeting was held January 18, 2022 via ZOOM meeting due to COVID virus restrictions.  Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Attendees: Carol Scamardo,  Kenneth Johse,  Jack Benson, Cherie Cotner, David Hicks, Julius Gribou, Jennifer Fredericks,  Ozden Ochoa, Greg Light, Tom and Stacy Light, Alexis Dupre, Tricia Antil, Georgia Lupton, Will Tolliver, Stuart Falknor, Bob Hall, John Cozad, Kim Tolman, Matt Henderson and Laine and Ted Totah

President, Stacy Light, called the meeting to order.  She introduced the new residents/owners:  Unit 15 owner: Bob Hall, Unit 34 owner Georgia Upton, Unit 23 Owners:  Matt Henderson and Becca Fullerton.  All participants on ZOOM call introduced themselves.


Kenneth Johse went over the 2021 actuals and reported that revenue and expense were in line with projected budget.  The proposed 2022 budget was reviewed and Kenneth reported that we currently have approximately $37,600 combined total in our money market and checking accounts.   It was also noted that the monthly HOA dues were not increased this year and remain at $99 per month.

Pool:  Laine Totah gave an update on the pool status.  The Pool Guys pool service has now been used successfully for four years.  The pool was opened the middle of May and stayed open until the middle of October.  We had repairs on the pump, filter and polaris this year. We purchased new pool chairs and tables – thanks to Stacy Light making these purchases.  Carol covered the new furniture over the winter.  The pool will need to be resurfaced at some point.  We will evaluate once the cover comes off in May.


Carol Scamardo reported that all grounds work is running smoothly.  We continued our tree maintenance program.  The fence running along units 22 and 23 and the fence at the front on the east side was replaced.  We will look into replacing the west side front fence later this year.  It was noted that we shared the fence cost with the neighbors in the back and front. Stacy is planning to contact the east front building neighbors to request their participation in the costs once an estimate is received.  A plumbing issue between units 21 and 22 was identified and resolved.   A big thank you was extended to Carol and Antonio and his crew for all the hard work they have done for the neighborhood.

Architectural Control Committee: 

Members of the ACC committee are Carol Benson, Kathy Johse, Rhonda Watson, Jennifer Fredericks and Julius Gribou (Chair).  Julius noted that we should all fill out an ACC form in advance for ANY exterior work that needs to be done.  Julius has extensive architecture experience and would be happy to consult on your proposal. Please allow adequate time for ACC and Board to review submittals.  Work is currently being done on units 23 and 10.  Julius is planning to provide a color pallet for outdoor paint colors and he is also working on a list of contractors that POF residents recommend for various jobs including electrical, plumbing, etc.  Julius is working with TXDOT and the city to try to get a Forest Dr street sign installed on University – possibly on top of the traffic light with correct address numbers pointing to each side.  We also installed a large sign at the front entrance noting that this is private propery, camera survaillance is occuring and address is 1-34 Forest dr. It was noted that this seems to have reduced the number of cars coming in and then turning right around.  We have put front gate installation on hold due to large costs.  This might be re-addressed in the future.  Jennifer Fredericks volunteered to look at current MLS home listings and contact agents who have listings for 100-400 Forest Dr that are showing up incorrectly on our side of University in the maps.


Stacy reported that a security camera has been installed at the front entrance of  the neighborhood.  The camera takes pictures of the license plates of all cars coming in and out.  The camera saves the images on a data card and the camera is locked.  The IT person who installed the camera is currently checking the card and the batteries on the camera.  Laine volunteered to learn how to do this as a backup for the IT person. 

Capital Improvements for 2021 and beyond:

Fencing repair West front area of property

Pool re-plastering

New holiday decorations

Other Items:

We added new language to the General Rules regarding estate sales in the neighborhood.   Our streets are very narrow and these type sales cause road congestion. It is recommended that sales be online and buyers come only to pick up purchases if possible.

Ozden brought up concerns on mail delivery.  Alexis noted we have a new mail carrier and maybe this will help with the incorrect delivery that has been occuring.  Putting a hold on mail has not worked for a couple of owners.  Tom Light suggested that if you are a non-resident and don’t want to get any mail here you can tell the mail carrier to note your house as vacant and this will eliminate any junk mail piling up in your mailbox.

Kim reminded everyone that we should not put items at the bulk trash area until Sunday since the pickup is every Monday. 


20 ballots were received and the proposed board members Stacy Light, Laine Totah and Kim Tolman were voted in.  The 2022 budget was also approved. 

Jack Benson noted a big thank you to Stacy for her hard work serving on the board welcomed Kim to the board. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:03 PM



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