January 2, 2022 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held January 2, 2022. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Attendees were Stacy Light, Kenneth Johse, Jack Benson, Carol Scamardo, Laine Totah and Cherie Cotner. 

December meeting minutes were approved as presented.                                             

  1. TREASURER:  Kenneth reported that we will be approximately $2,600 over on income this year due to some dues prepayments and a receipt for water reimbursement from one homeowner.  Kenneth presented the proposed 2022 budget which includes keeping the HOA dues at $99 per month.  The budget includes an increase on pool and tree removal expenses.  It also includes funds for new Christmas decorations.  Jack made a motion to accept the budget, Laine seconded. The budget was approved.


  1. GROUNDS: Carol Scamardo reported that grounds maintenance is continuing on. Carol will contact a plumber to give estimate to correctly connect the irrigation lines between #21 and #22.  Stacy noted that we are still waiting for final signed paperwork and then will reimburse homeowner for excess water payments incurred due to incorrect routing of irrigation lines.


  1. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Work is continuing on number 23 and the new roof was installed on number 24. No new ACC requests.

     4.  NOMINATION COMMITTEE: The committee recommended Kim Tollman be nominated to fill the upcoming     HOA board position.  David Hicks is rolling off. Laine Totah and Stacy Light have agreed to serve another term.    

  5. SECURITY CAMERA: Stacy reported that the camera is working properly.  She requested that we approve the cost to install of $300 to the installer.  Jack made a motion to approve, Cherie seconded. Board approved.  Laine volunteered to meet with Matt (the installer) to see how the data card and batteries are loaded on the camera.


The next board meeting will be February 6 at 7:00. 

The annual meeting will be held Tuesday, January 18.  The meeting will be held via zoom.  Stacy will send out the agenda, ballot, budget and recent directory to all homeowners.  

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