POF HOA Board Meeting Minutes August 13, 2023

Post Oak Forest HOA board meeting was held August 13, 2023 via ZOOM. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Attendees were Stacy Light, Kim Tolman, Cherie Cotner, Jack Benson, Kenneth Johse and Carol Scamardo.

TREASURER: Kenneth sent in the financials. He noted that the new owners in number 34 are paying monthly fees. We may be over budget on landscaping services. We are having grounds crew do extra waterings so this will be over budget. Discussed the need to raise dues to cover new landscape increase. We will need to have 2/3 vote to pass and must allow 30 days after vote before increase will be effective. Antonio (grounds crew) will sign a new contract through end of 2024. We will need to send vote on new HOA rate in November so it can be effective January 1 if approved by 2/3 of the homeowners.

GROUNDS: New proposed committee assignments were presented: Tom Light will be the new chair of the landscaping committee. Laine and Ted Totah will assist as needed. Donal Antil agreed to handle the tree trimming with Spencer the tree contractor. Debra Ware and Liz Hamff will work with sprinklers and irrigation issues. Cherie made a motion to accept these assignments and Jack seconded.

POOL: No new report.


NEW BUSINESS: The nominating committee is gathering information for new slate of officers Liz Hamff in number 14 has been approved to take the last rental slot.

Meeting adjourned 8:00.

Next meetings:

September 17, 2023

October 8, 2023

November 12, 2023

December 3, 2023

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